Clothing Care

Perfect Maintenance

As a rule, corsetry as well as lingerie - especially those with the supports sewn inside - should be washed by hand. Yet our contemporary lifestyle and pace of life force most of us to wash our underwear in the washing machine along with all our other clothes.

However, to keep the beauty, shape, and appearance lasting longer, it would be better to use a special washing laundry bag.

What's this? It is a net bag where you can put all those delicate items and be sure that they remain inside for the entire duration of the wash without damage.

Our maintenance tips

  • Strictly follow the advice on the label.
  • Separate the white, black and colored in the washing machine, but especially when it comes to underwear it is essential not to mix. White with white, black with black and dark colors and bright colors together - so you'll be sure not to end up with a former white bra that has gone pale pink or gray.
  • No to bleach and those aggressive products that damage fabrics. The use of fabric softener is also not recommended.
  • Another important aspect when storing your bra is not to wrinkle, deform or bend it, as padded bras could be permanently damaged.


Take care of your Yamamay garments by carefully following the washing instructions keep them beautiful and make them last.