At Yamamay, we work responsibly to protect the environment, to safeguard biodiversity, as well as to reduce waste and emissions.

The results achieved


Indirect market based emissions


FSC Certified paper for packaging


Recycled plastic used in 2022


Shops and locations with LED lighting

Emissions monitoring

We are monitoring the emissions into the atmosphere from direct and indirect energy activities and consumption:

  • SCOPE 1: Direct” emissions from the use of fossil fuels to power corporate vehicles
  • SCOPE 2: “Indirect” emissions attributable to the purchase of electricity produced by third parties and in places other than use, but still our responsibility as an we are the end user
  • SCOPE 3: Indirect” emissions related to the our value chain, both in the upstream and downstream phases. Although not directly controlled by us, they are still attributable to our corporate activities.

The results achieved

56.17 MWh

Energy production from june 2021


Self produced power

+39 300

CO2 emissions saved

1 123

Equivalent trees planted

Energy in the last 6 months (KwH)

We have completed the full relampingof our headquarters and stores, which involved the replacement of all lighting fixtures with the LED technology. In addition, other improvements have been carried out at our headquarters: installation of protective films on windows; sensors for automatic light management; innovative free cooling system. We have also installed the first two charging stations for electric cars and our goal is to electrify the company fleet.

A concrete commitment to the circular economy

We are part of Retex.Green, the reference consortium of producers and for producers in the textile and fashion world. Retex.Green aims to anticipate future trends in regulations on recycling and offers an operational tool to the supply chain.

Promotion of sustainable best practices
Retex.Green is committed to scalable and measurable sustainability, supports companies in eco-design, aims to increase reuse and recycling through research and innovation, and adopts rigorous reporting models inspired by maximum transparency.

Protection of the brand
Retex.Green has chosen not to rely on in-house recycling operators but, rather, to collaborate with selected operators in the field, with the aim of guaranteeing lawfulness, traceability and brand protection.