We created the Yamamay ADAPTIVE line in partnership with INVISTA, a division of LYCRA®. Transversal fit and shape retention are the defining characteristics of this new line of underwear and clothing products, aimed at improving the comfort of the wearer and reducing the quantity of returns.

Project Data

The ADAPTIVE line is made up of 74% polyamide and 26% Lycra® Adaptiv fibre, which guarantee a wide fit and shape retention.

With ADAPTIVE, we achieve a number of ambitious goals:

  • fit perceived as personalised for each body type;
  • second skin effect;
  • optimal balance between comfort and shape support;
  • maintenance of form and functionality over time;
  • facilitating the ease of wearing outwear garments, ensuring a better fit;
  • less product stock and a lower quantity of returns from online sales and, consequently, reduction of supplies and simplification in warehouse management in terms of sizes and unsold products.