Yamamay Principessa SUPER BRA



Principessa SUPER BRA is our answer to environmental challenges that must be tackled effectively and concretely, in particular with reference to waste reduction and responsible waste management.

Project Data

  • 5 sizes for 35 size/cup pairs
  • above-average sell-throughs
  • strong reduction of unsold products

Principessa SUPER BRA is a bra that represents a best practice in the fashion industry, as it limits the exponential growth of inclusive sizes, while guaranteeing performance above that offered by more traditional products in this segment.

From the three sizes (S-M-L) to cover 25 size/cup combinations for the 2020 design, we have moved to 5 sizes (XS-S-M-L-XL) to cover 35 size/cup pairs, guaranteeing exceptional performance in terms of comfort, hold, lightness and transversal fit in relation to the intended use. The experience gained and the business and sales results obtained have allowed us to expand this product engineering to other lines.