Yamamay Sculpt



The SCULPT line project made it possible to create a process of compensation of emissions, after having measured their carbon footprint.

Project Data

  • 134 tons of CO2eq offset
  • 1 clean energy project started
  • Optimised eco-design process

This process has been certified by Certiquality. Specifically, we have carried out a partial Carbon Footprint of the product (Partial CFP), as we excluded the phases of use and end of life of the products from the measurement. This has allowed us to determine and compensate the emissions associated with the products sold in 2021 through the acquisition of international loans to finance the “Energy from international mini-hydroelectric” project in Sri Lanka, the country where the line is produced.

This initiative brings many benefits as the small Sri Lankan hydroelectric plant uses water from the Kuru Ganga River to generate clean energy that supplies the whole island, contributes to the revival of the local economy and helps increase the citizens’ income, as well as supports other income-generating activities, including ecotourism, nurseries and agriculture.